Friday, August 12, 2011

New Sundresses for Sisters

We (two of my granddaughters ages 9 and 7, sisters, and I) were in Walmart a couple of weeks ago shopping, when they discovered in the fabric department some elasticized smocked fabric. The fabric is smocked along the bodice and the skirt is fairly straight not a lot of extra ease. They loved it and wanted to pick out some fabric so I could make them each a dress and of course they wanted each their own print. We discussed & measured and purchased two lengths of fabric along with 1 1/2" co-ordinating Offray satin ribbons for the tie straps. This was my solution since the fabric was fairly expensive for what it was if you were to buy enough additional for straps to match. It was measured by the unsmocked side for the yard measurements.

We got the pieces home, wrapped each one around the proper girl and I pinned a seamline in the back and marked with pins where the straps should go, along with marked hemlines, so once I got started sewing; I could finish in one sitting if I should wish to do so. These should have been finished two days later but life intervened with a lupus flare, steriods and for the first time some bad side effects. I hadn't taken steriods in a year (you are only allowed to use them every three months unless you are having severe damage such as fast ongoing kidney, heart, etc. damage). So that really slowed Meme down but they are now finished and I am taking them to them tomorrow afternoon. I hope Paige and Tori like their sundresses! As I said they aren't much but to them they are everything. They chose the fabric, the ribbons and Meme made them and they are so proud of that fact.
Three weeks ago we crocheted fun fur around the straps of new flipflops for them and they were estatic. They loved them. It is so easy to please children! Aren't they so precious?
So this is Tori's dress:
And this is Paige's dress:
Very simple, very plain, little sundresses. But I am sure they will love them and want to wear them everywhere for a little while, then they can be pushed back to the back of their closets and forgotten, I hope. LOL
Love my grandbabies!!

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