Friday, August 12, 2011

Great Day at the Ol' Post Office "I'm An Old Fashioned Stitch'n Bitch" Tag

Received my "I'm a _________ Bitch" Outlaw Womens Scrapbook Emporium swap today from Lois Bell. It is wonderfully, inviolably funny and feminine!! I really, really love it!! She must have a wonderful, wonderful sense of humor. I would never have thought of this one in a million years. So great! Thanks so much, Lois, you made my day. I am having so much fun with these swaps I am participating in with my OWSE and Wendy Veechi yahoo groups.

Isn't this just wonderfully fantastic? And the dates are correct on the camera for once! Suprise , suprise!!! Especially since I thought I had set it to leave off the dates, since it is almost never correct because little ones love to take photos with Meme's camera! lol

My version of the "Chotski Pin Swap" has gone out in the mail to you, Denise. I will post photos of it the end of next week after I am sure she has had time to receive it.

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