Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of the New School Year 2011

This weekend I spend several hours putting together a little gift bag for each of my grandchildren for a Back to School gift! I took them by and gave them to each one Sunday afternoon. Here's some photos of what I did. I used gift bags I had on hand so each one is different. It would look a little more polished if they were all the same. I designed little tags with their name and the title of the gift bag on the computer in my Word program, printed them out, cut them apart with my paper cutter, punched holes in tops of tags and tied the respective tag to the bag.
I seriously need to work on my photography and lighting. Also I think I must have been a little unsteady holding the camera but I think you can pretty much see what I did for them. It was really a small thing but seemed to mean a lot to them.
Please leave comments, they are very much appreciated. Visit often, you are missed, when you don't. Thanks and may this school year be a wonderful one for all involved; children, parents, teachers, etc. May God bless each one.


  1. Oh what a great idea! Bet they will be loved! Kim

  2. They adored them! Even the two teenage girls! So much fun creating them individually for each child and their likes and dislikes, seeing their faces and smiles... it makes it all worthwhile to see those wonderful smiles!! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!