Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello Everyone!! Here is to a wonderful New Year!!

Hope you are all getting ready for the new year. A new year brings renewed hope for change and a better life. I am getting all those New Year Resolutions ready for 2012!! Hope you are also.

I am so sorry that my blog has been abandoned for several months. I have been having a very bad time. My lupus flared, depression ran rampant and a hotly contested divorce is still not final. If you read this please remember me in your prayers. Thank you so much in advance. My wish for each and everyone of you is that you have the best year of your life in 2012.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Walk Around the Pond September 1st

Didn't get this posted last week. I thought someone might like to see some photos of my place here on the hill in the boonies! Quite beautiful! I think our fall colors will really suffer because of the drought. We have had several large trees die but it still is beautiful to me.
Hope you enjoy this little snippet of life here on the hill!

OWSE Journal August Winner!

Whoo, hoo!! I want to show what I was awarded (not won because I was the only one who completed all challenges in August; Hey, everyone get those challenges in)

Some wonderful Faber-Castell art products. A four india ink black pen set wallet with superfine, fine, medium and brush points. Fantastic for journaling and drawing. Also a sampler package of Faber-Castell textural accents sampler that I have been wanting to try. Wonderful fantastic gifts, thank you so much OWSE for the fabulous gifts and for the challenges that keep me inspired! I love them!

Two Tag Swaps Received!

I received last week two great swaps. I apologize for not getting them up right away but have been very ill, with blurred vision, naseau and terrible headaches. (Symptoms of kidney failure, please pray it's not so with me.)
But finally here they are. They are stupendous! Just love, love getting to see and hold other people's art! Thanks so much, Maxine, for this beautiful,colorful fabric and flower tag!

Then here is the magnificent chotski pin and tags all the way from Sharon in Australia! Thanks so much I love it!

Thanks so much for these wonderful art pieces, they are very much appreciated, and made me feel quite special.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Swaps at the Post Office

I received some awesome art pieces as swaps from two of the other ladies at the OWSE group. This one is from the Wizard of Oz 4x4 Swap from Theresa: Gorgeous! Love it.
She also sent me this AWESOME "ARTSY" badge to wear that she made; along with a ruby slipper stamp and a Toto stamp; what wonderful gifts to receive!!! Thank you.
I know the color is off on some of these photos but I took about 20 shots and chose the best ones so I could get this done tonite and the migraine didn't help.

AND to double my pleasure; I received "My Town"4x4 art swap from Jeanette!!! Fantastic Job, Jeanette. Not only did she send me her 4x4 (wonderful piece); she also made a charming card where she wrote about her town on the inside!! These are real sticks and twigs on these and I believe spanish moss!! Wonderfully creative soul! I loved them; thanks so much. I cherish each piece I receive and it receives it's own place on my inspiration board for a month and then shifted to an album for my swaps and art pieces I receive from other artists.

Thank you, Jeanette and Theresa, you can't know how much you made my day so,so much better. My grandsons' loved them, ages 10 and 6, and started in on their own projects right away. Of course, they had to carefully help me open the envelopes when they found out what they held!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Journal challenge 3

Sorry I forgot to post #3 on clutter; so here is a photo of it. I used a combination of artist tube acrylics, watercolours, photos of the contents of my purse poured out in a heap, collaged magazine pics, etc. Hope you like it:

Art Journal Page

Finished another art journal page today. Did my own sketches for this and really enjoyed it. I enjoy the whole process of art journaling ; it is very liberating.

I used a combination of oil pastels for the backgrounds, watercolours and markers. Everyone should have an art journal as well as a written journal; it really helps to work out situations and problems on paper and in your mind. I hope you like this spread I just finished; if you have any questions, please ask. Thanks for taking time to view this post; it is appreciated.