Monday, August 15, 2011

Chotski Pin I made for Denise

We are having a lot of great swaps over on the OWSE yahoo groups. Also several of us are involved in a new art journal challenge and venture. I had signed up for the chotski pin swap and Denise let me know she received her chotski pin today so I can put it up on the blog now and get feedback.

Let me know honestly what you think and how it could have been better. This is my first one of these to make. It was also my first time to make the TH charms using of course TH papers. I also wired and made a few of the beads.

We are all having a blast over at the OWSE yahoo group, stop by sometime and visit. I know you will enjoy it and all the great ladies there!

Thanks for all the encouragement and please leave me a comment. It is always greatly appreciated.


  1. Great chotski pin! I love what you did with it.

  2. Love your pin! I think it's great you made the charms different lengths.

  3. Thanks everyone for the wonderful compliments! I hope Denise likes it and wants to wear it! Thought it might look good on her motorcycle jacket or a jean jacket!